The matter we make is equal to the energy……..of cleaning up the mess. If matter on earth is unchanging, can’t we think of better ways to put these molecules to work.


last-tree-72.jpgSeeing the forest for the trees” is an expression that aptly explains the myopia of our human cognition. This has been explained as the organizing effect of the left brain on the impulsive creativity of the right brain. “Seeing the forest for the trees” is a way to experience life with out much complexity, without much friction either. But that mindset presents a false, incomplete sense of the planet we inhabit. Any time spent looking around, one realizes that in fact this world celebrates individuality, variety, complexity and uniqueness. Nothing is really the same as something else.
Maybe our brains do need to see the forest first, processing quickly what we need to know most. But without another, closer investigation we are left without a complete picture, one for both the left and right brain together.
After seeing the “forest”, we are ready to look again and maybe this time take a closer look. Tree by tree.

the comet’s tail or wallpaper for the megachurchIf the contents of a comet’s tail could be analyzed, then the origins of the universe might be known.

Hello world!

May 6, 2007

The raven