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June 24, 2008

George Carlin is gone, man. He brought light to our hypocrisies from dirty words to the ten commandments, he was fearless and funny. As long as these videos live on YouTube, American youth will be free! ( to think for themselves.)

Ever wonder when to stone your children? More good stuff for kids!


The Brick Testament


Geek Love

June 20, 2008

Do you love diagrams? I found this great one a few months ago and saved it. I can not remember where I found it, but likely it is from the NYT and their always great graphics department. If you subscribe to one paper, this is the one. Online they have great slide shows and videos from their reporters around the world as well as access to their editorials. But don’t forget to subscribe too. That is my geek love, the NYT! Subscriptions are especially important today in a world where large corporations are buying up newspapers and television stations, then destroying them. Besides their horrible news, Fox would have me running from their horrible graphics!

Can’t help but hope

June 20, 2008

I can’t help but hope. But I plan to do much more. Door to door and voter registration, whatever it takes. I have not felt so passionate about a candidate since Robert Kennedy. So where these posts were meant to concern art, science and nature, there will be other news to check out, at least until November.

Military Culture

June 16, 2008

Military culture is filled with a totemic visual language consisting of symbols and insignia that signify everything from various unit and command affiliations to significant events, and noteworthy programs.These markers of identity and program heraldry begin to create a peculiar symbolic regime when they depict one’s affiliation with what defense-industry insiders call the “black world” – the world of classified programs, projects, and places, whose outlines, even existence, are deeply-held secrets. Nonetheless, the Pentagon’s “black world” is replete with the rich symbolic language that characterizes other, less obscure, military activities.

The symbols and insignia shown in the Symbology series provide a glimpse into how contemporary military units answer questions that have historically been the purview of mystery cults, secret societies, religions, and mystics: How does one represent that which, by definition, must not be represented?’

from Symbology (Volume I) by Trevor Paglen

symbology patch #2
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