a mutt like me

January 17, 2009

Let’s hope that Obama does for shelter adoptions what he did for HOPE. Make it popular! Shepard Fairey to the rescue to give those words an image and to help promote the largest online rescue adoption site, Adopt-a-Pet. and to help promote their new tv show- Save a Pet

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food farm

January 5, 2009

Bansky, an artist who focuses on social commentary with visual puns like a good poke in the eye, recently created a farmyard for fast food. Where else would those little chicken nuggets get there start?

Chickens have been on my mind lately, having spent a few weeks with 2 of them this summer. They have a lot of personality and according to some tests, score higher than monkeys. But the reality of how they are treated is very different. The 2006 film “Our Daily Bread” showed how tomatoes were handled with more care than live baby chicks. Just on their way to nuggethood, that’s all.