food farm

January 5, 2009

Bansky, an artist who focuses on social commentary with visual puns like a good poke in the eye, recently created a farmyard for fast food. Where else would those little chicken nuggets get there start?

Chickens have been on my mind lately, having spent a few weeks with 2 of them this summer. They have a lot of personality and according to some tests, score higher than monkeys. But the reality of how they are treated is very different. The 2006 film “Our Daily Bread” showed how tomatoes were handled with more care than live baby chicks. Just on their way to nuggethood, that’s all.


Our National Parks are not fulfilling their duty. These buffalo are being sent to slaughter after leaving park land while looking for food.

Genetically, a buffalo that seeks out fresh grass lands is a “good” buffalo, one best suited to survive. But not in Yellowstone National Park. Due to hysterical ranchers, any buffalo leaving the park are shipped off to the slaughter house. This is the largest slaughter of our native bison recorded in years- more than 1,465 to date.

FRED is Dead

June 5, 2007

Fred is Dead or How the Huge Hog was a Wild Lie
I was very grateful to Rhonda Blissitt, the hog farmer who came forward with the truth about the “monster pig” hunted in Alabama. I had found the story upsetting and even more so when I went online and saw the web site promoting the gun used and making the eleven year old out as remarkable in some way. I had thought to write a letter in response to the taxidermist’s claim that the Bible said animals are here for us to do with as we please. This is not really the accurate concept behind that quote. If people insist on checking the Bible on this matter why don’t they read Jehovah’s response to Job? Jehovah goes on for a few pages in the Bible and makes it pretty clear that he created the world for his own purposes and we humans are not to step out of bounds with his creation.
But then Rhonda Blissitt came forward with the truth about the hogzilla. His name was Fred. Fred, the domesticated breeding hog had been sold 4 days before to a farmer who uses his land as a “game” hunting preserve. Poor Fred had gotten too big for breeding or eating. Fred had not been fed for 4 days at the time of his death. Rhonda Blissitt said he liked to gnash his tusks and bark like a dog, which must have been a fearsome sight, but hardly life threatening.
But Fred’s story reveals there was a great deal of unnecessary cruelty involved. Fred was shot, wounded, then hunted down over three hours and 16 shots (!) before dying. Shot with the small, pistol-sized rifle the chubby little boy is cradling with such pride. It is an obviously cruel and unnecessary way to dispatch an animal. Yet the “hogzilla” hunting web sites are admiring of the facts regarding the small gun. It gives one pause as to what hunters think their sport is all about. It certainly isn’t survival.
And it gets worse. Hunting domestic pigs is legal. Hogs become listed as “feral” once they are released in the wild. That is an interesting catch 22 and possibly the explanation behind all the so-called hogzilla” the knuckle-heads go on about on their web sites. It is pretty “pathetic” that these hunts are canned game. Fred was as “game” as spam in the can.
If hunters want a real survival fantasy, they should take up rock climbing.

“Is it by your wisdom that the hawk soars, and spreads his wings toward the south? Is it at your command that the eagle mounts up and makes his nest on high?