February 5, 2011

Don’t abandon your baby…..

The obvious similarity of our developing bodies and the developing bodies of every other creature on our planet is  hard to miss.

But only if you don’t look!

Religious scolds who tell us to protect life from conception should include every other life form in that divine protection. It’s only fair to our primitive relatives. We’re all related on this tiny blue planet.

Love your babies, Earthlings!





FOUND: The Holy Quail

August 1, 2010

This recently discovered running grouse is the first published print by Audubon

Researchers in PHILADELPHIA have found the first published illustration by John James Audubon, America’s most famous bird artist, after a decades long search for this prized but elusive work.

“It’s the holy grail of Audubon scholarship,” said Robert Peck. “It’s significant because it was at a significant turning point in his life.”

Audubon had made references to the illustration in his diaries, but it had never been seen until it was found on a sheet of sample images produced in 1824 by a New Jersey engraver who specialized in illustrations for banknotes.

A numismatic, or currency, historian  named Eric Newman along with Peck, who is a senior fellow with Philadelphia’s Academy of Natural Sciences and has spent the last decade looking for this long-lost image, were the discoverers of the print.

Its existence had been placed in doubt, including suggestions that Audubon may have lied about it to enhance his reputation before the publication of his masterwork “Birds of America,” starting in 1827.

Although unsigned, the image clearly belongs to Audubon with such details as the bird’s grassy habitat and other characteristic ornithological observations in the engraving.

So this is indeed the holy quail of  Audubon scholarship.

This year’s SGC conference in Philadelphia took place alongside the international print triennial Philagrafika, which consisted of several exhibitions all around the town of exceptional quality. The SGC’s array of printmaking related demos, venders fair and a variety of curated print portfolios presented at the participating art schools around town; University of the Arts, Tyler School of Art at Temple and the Philadelphia Academy of the Arts (PAFA),  created an energetic synergy between the well attended conference and the international festival.

Artist Francesc Ruiz in The Graphic Unconscious

Philadelphia’s art schools can boast having some of the best print making facilities in the country it seems, each school offering unique enhancements for the student of printmaking from traditional to digital to letterpress facilities and faculty.

Upcoming Southern Graphics Conferences will be in Saint Louis in 2011 and Southern California in 2012!

For more photos from SGC Philadelphia 2010, check out the FlickR set posted here

Exploring the Moon, Discovering Earth
July 17, 2009: Forty years ago, Apollo astronauts set out on a daring adventure to explore the Moon. We ended up discovering our own planet, as the image of the big Blue Marble became synonymous with the environmental movement. This image challenged us to look at our selves without borders and geo-political concepts. We were undeniably on a unique planet and we were all alone.
So it is interesting to think about the amount of debris we have left on the Moon since we first visited 40 years ago. Here is a list and a beautiful and helpful map of all moon landings:


natural history

March 26, 2009

histroy1This is the weathered book that I remember from my childhood. A first science book for the picture loving crowd, of which I am still an enthusiastic member. To this day, I do not understand why science periodicals and books do not have better PICTURES! Every time I pick up an exciting subject, with plenty of potential images- I feel short changed with the black and white photos of exacting data. It is as if the science crowd feels it must be serious and stay away from the full color fantasy images that fill this book and the vitrines of every Natural History Museum. Those vivid landscapes helped me see the world as it was and imagine a world before humans. Something we all should do more of once in awhile.

a mutt like me

January 17, 2009

Let’s hope that Obama does for shelter adoptions what he did for HOPE. Make it popular! Shepard Fairey to the rescue to give those words an image and to help promote the largest online rescue adoption site, Adopt-a-Pet. and to help promote their new tv show- Save a Pet

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food farm

January 5, 2009

Bansky, an artist who focuses on social commentary with visual puns like a good poke in the eye, recently created a farmyard for fast food. Where else would those little chicken nuggets get there start?

Chickens have been on my mind lately, having spent a few weeks with 2 of them this summer. They have a lot of personality and according to some tests, score higher than monkeys. But the reality of how they are treated is very different. The 2006 film “Our Daily Bread” showed how tomatoes were handled with more care than live baby chicks. Just on their way to nuggethood, that’s all.